​​​Expand your services by partnering with a Certified Kitchen, Bath and Interior Designer.

I started my career as a Licensed C-6 Cabinet Millwork Contractor. With 30+ years of experience in the construction industry, my site measurements are exact and dependable.

  • I patiently work with the client helping them to select and finalize their design and all materials which enables you, the builder, to do what you do best.
  • All materials are represented in 3D Conceptual Drawings and Virtual Reality walkthroughs so your client can visualize the completed project.
  • I provide 2D scaled drawings and a detailed scope of labor specifying quantities of all materials to be used which helps accurately bid the job.
  • Construction plan, electrical and lighting plans, plumbing plans, tile and cabinet and countertop plans are also included. This enables you to go from plans to construction in less time.

Kevin O'Connor Design Certified Kitchen, Bath & Interior Designer


Advantages of partnering with Kevin O’Connor Design:

  • I provide accurate, organized and buildable plans for construction.
  • Client is fully informed of their options and understands the details of their project prior to construction.
  • Client is not likely to change their mind during construction.
  • Thorough planning results in minimized delays, missteps and change orders.

3D Render

Kitchen Plans- Calabasas

Kitchen Plans- Temecula